Aren’t zoos supposed to have animals?

So I mentioned yesterday that K was taking the kids to the zoo as part of her “Mommy is off so we’re going to cram in as much fun as possible”-week. I’m not sure this trip turned out the way she envisioned it.

Important safety tip:  Your spidey-sense should be tingling when the kids’ preschool teacher says “Didn’t you hear what happened at the zoo yesterday?”

Apparently, a wild deer thought a large body of water at the zoo would be a good place for a little swim.  Unfortunately, this large body of water was the moat surrounding the lion enclosure.  Obviously, things did not end well for the deer.  And obviously the whole thing was caught on camera by a tourist and posted on Youtube within hours (just a note: the linked Youtube video contains some Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom-type footage).

So, this incident might have made the zoo a little jumpy, since after taking the kids by car, by Metro, and by foot for and hour and a half, K found that most of the animals were being kept away from the public.

Which makes it rather difficult to see them.

100_5840 (Custom) Here’s A thinking “They only have meerkats at this zoo?”

emptyAnd now, the most elusive invisible gorilla.

100_5838 (Custom)Of course, it wasn’t a total loss.  It was a nice warm day.
And there were snacks bars involved.
But no ice cream, since all the ice cream machines were broken.

When I met them for dinner, my first sign that things did not go well was when I asked J how he liked the zoo.

J said “We didn’t see any lions, or tigers, or elephants, or zebras, or giraffes, or hippopotamus.  But it was a fun day.”

He’s our eternal optimist.

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3 Comments on “Aren’t zoos supposed to have animals?”

  1. Amber Says:

    Seeing as we’re all about some deer carnage at our house…we would have given anything to be at the zoo that day.


  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    A for effort.
    And D for Dead Deer.

  3. Tiffani Says:

    Bummer. Fo’ Shiz. Love having an optimist in the family, though…balances the rest of us out! 🙂

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