Dad’s Day

Wednesday was Dad’s Day at the kids’ school, meaning all the kids’ dads got to spend several hours trying to fit into preschooler-sized chairs.  And since having two kids in the same class makes it difficult to have one-on-one time, my dad graciously agreed to go along.

100_5847 (Custom)Headed into class

100_5848 (Custom)Granddad watches A draw … something.  We’re not quite sure.

100_5850 (Custom)J immediately headed for the dinosaurs.

100_5851 (Custom)I guess birds like Crisco-covered pinecones.

100_5853 (Custom)Nothing like a grown man in a foot-tall chair

100_5855 (Custom)Hulk smash!

100_5856 (Custom)J didn’t think the Play-dough was flat enough.

100_5860 (Custom)It’s genetic.  A loves the shoes.

100_5859 (Custom)While J puts puzzles together faster than Granddad.

After visiting their main room,we had some time before the Science Room visit.  So, breakfast was in order.

100_5865 (Custom)Ahhh, Mickey-D’s breakfast.  How I love thee.

On to Science Class…

100_5881 (Custom)Yes.  Yes it does.

100_5869 (Custom)A helps feed Coco, the class gerbil.

100_5880 (Custom)While J plays with … yup, a dinosaur puzzle.

100_5870 (Custom)A looks at the bones vomited up by owls.  Umm umm good!

100_5874 (Custom)J, you should have that looked at.

100_5882 (Custom)A plays with another one of her admirers, H.

100_5885 (Custom)J organizes the animals by alphabetical order.

100_5886 (Custom)Time to go.  A makes sure to say goodbye to H.

And I’ll leave you with this nugget.  On the way to school, we passed a herd of deer on our road.  Since the deer community is now in the rut, a couple of them were, um, well, rutting.

If you’ve ever seen deer during this activity, you know that the two deer tend to appear as one big animal (sorry, no pics from me.  They were spooked after we stopped.  Which, I imagine, I would be as well).  Obviously, A’s brain was confused by their appearance since, as we drove by, she saw them and exclaimed:

Look! A kangaroo!

Yes, dear, it’s a kangaroo.  Now let us never speak of this again.

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One Comment on “Dad’s Day”

  1. Tiffani Says:

    I almost woke my kiddos laughing at that!!! HILARIOUS!

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