La Casa de CPQ

A great weekend with the CPQ family, as always.  You know those friends with whom, even though you may go months or years without seeing them, you can just fall right back into natural and relaxed conversation, as if you see each other every day?  That’s how K and I are with CPQ and MrCPQ.

So without further adieu, here’s a recap:

100_5887The kids were wide awake at 5:30AM.  Too bad they couldn’t drive.

After driving through the morning traffic of several cities and the remnants of a tropical storm, we arrived.  The power was out at CPQ’s house due to the storms.  She was mostly worried about not being able to dry her hair before our scheduled lunch with Kellie of La Vida Dulce .  Luckily the power came back about 15 minutes before we left, so her hair was dutifully coiffed.

After a wonderful lunch with Kellie, we headed off to pick up the CPQ boys.

100_5889I had to get a picture of the CarpoolQueen in the carpool line.

CPQ_KAMCPQ and her infamous mixer with a mind of its own.

100_5947CPQ’s prairie dog salt and pepper shakers.
I wonder who could have given her such a lovely gift.

On Friday AM, we headed out for a little shopping

100_5893At Micheal’s craft store, A tries to put on a happy face.

After getting lunch at the mall food court (and after running  into NewEveryMorning), the kids had to ride the small-coin-operated-money-eater (and J didn’t listen to the safety spiel).

100_5898I let some strange Starbucks Chai-drinking woman
walk away with A.

100_5899I spotted the much-coveted prize from CPQ’s latest giveaway.

After picking up the boys on Friday, there was only one place to go:

100_5900Target: the Land of Milk and Honey

And where was dinner Friday night?

100_5909It’s not vacation until you go to a Chinese Buffet.

And for dessert, the much beloved Chewy made its first appearance:

The first order of business on Saturday?

100_5948Yeah, baby, yeah!  And zero trans-fat.  That’s almost health food.

Then it was on to watch a little flag football starring Baby C and coach MrCPQ:

100_5921MrCPQ rallies the troops  (guess which boy is the son of the 6’7″ MrCPQ)

100_5918Not MrCPQ’s best side.

angelina-jolie-376x490CPQ at the football game
(photo updated at her request in the comments section)

100_5926A was there only for the Cheetos.

100_5935J’s passing looked pretty good.

100_5934_zoomHis catching with his forehead could use a little work, though.

100_5941_zoomI guess A can play running back.

Before heading for home Saturday night, there was time for one more opportunity to consume many, many calories.

100_5946MrCPQ-grilled prime rib, with corn, potatoes and CPQ-made rolls.
Good, and good for ya.

100_5942The Chewy made one final appearance.

100_5943A shows her genetic craftiness, making an ornament for CPQ

Unfortunately, it was time to head home.

100_5949A waves goodbye

100_5950The DVD player and headphones went on for the ride home.

And the truck hit a milestone on the way home:

All in all, a great couple of days.  Can’t wait for the next time.


On a sad note, our thoughts and prayers go out to Amy, AKA Whimzie at, at the loss of her father this weekend.

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8 Comments on “La Casa de CPQ”

  1. Amber Says:

    I’m not sure it is safe to be filming while driving.
    Just sayin’.

  2. Cathy Says:

    CPQ might beg to differ with the “Not Mr. CPQ’s best side” line…but I got a good chuckle out of it. Such a man friend thing to say.

    And what is UP with Chinese buffet? Must be another man thing…my husband is ordered to go on his own time.

    Fun times. Good friends. The best.

  3. carpoolqueen Says:

    That photo of me is not attractive. We must have a discussion about pre-posting photo approval the next time we get together.

    Y’all need to hurry back – I need an excuse to eat more cookies.

  4. Tiffani Says:


    CPQ got dressed up for the occassion, no?! 😉

    Looks like SUCH a fun weekend jam packed w/ all sorts of great eating, photo taking and just plain ‘ol FUN!!

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