A vote for insanity

If you read yesterday’s post about our trip to see the CPQ family, you may have wondered why we came back on Saturday night instead of staying through Sunday.  Well, I needed to be back for my church’s quarterly business meeting, since the members were going to be voting on whether I would be their next Executive Director.  I thought about blowing off the meeting, but figured it wouldn’t be the best way to start a new career.

One funny story about the vote itself.  Since my brother and his wife decided that running their first marathon in their mid forties would be a good idea, they were out of town for the vote.  When the votes were tallied, the “yeas” were several hundred.  But there were two no votes.  I’m still convinced that they voted in absentia.

Also, here are two interesting things I shared with the congregation before the vote.  Sunday would have been my mom’s 68th birthday (I didn’t actually mention what her age would have been.  She’s been gone 13 years and I still fear her wrath), so the date of the vote was obviously meaningful.  And, in the copious employment files so dutifully kept by my father before I left home, I found my very first pay stub from a real job.

It was from the very same church.

What was my title back then?

“Day Camp Counselor”

So, I’ll have essentially the same job now.

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3 Comments on “A vote for insanity”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    I just got chills.

    And a little hot under the collar at the two.

    • imnotned Says:

      Eh, one of the most important things I’ve already learned during my work with the church is that it is impossible to get 100% unanimity on any subject. There are always one or two who say no to everything.

      You want to hear negativity? Just wait until we replace the furniture in the foyer.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    So much…where to start…only two “no” votes…not bad..blame it on S & K..good idea. Great day at “Dad’s Day.” Lack of hair = (whatever you said.) CPQ…looks just like her 😉 What a buffet. BUT the video of A in the “roach kickers.” Hang on, it’s just starting. Just look at that gal who’s now engaged to the NY Jet. You better plan ahead.

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