“O” is for opinionated

The kids love show and tell at school. Each week, they bring in something that starts with the letter of the week (starting at A and working the way through the alphabet). Being somewhat catatonic when it comes to remembering what letter the class is on this week, we depend on the weekly update emails from their teacher to keep us on track (yeah, we could do something like writing down the letter of the week on a calendar, but that would take, you know, effort on our part).

Since last week had some holidays and Dad’s Day, only a third of the class got to do show and tell that week.  The letter of the week was “G”.  But, in the update email, the teacher said they were moving on to “H” this week.  I asked A what “H” object she wanted to take …

A: Dad, it’s still “G” this week.

Me: Honey, I know you didn’t get to do show and tell last week when it was supposed to be “G,” but your teacher says that this week is going to be “H.”

A: No, it’s supposed to be “G.”

Me: Well, your teacher says it’s “H” this week.

A: I think she’s wrong.

Keep questioning authority, my little one.

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One Comment on ““O” is for opinionated”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    You sure her name isn’t JJ?

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