We survived.

Nana’s oven bird and stuffing is almost done

My frying equipment is ready to go.
Wireless internet access is a must.

Swim, my pretties.

My brother, K’s father, his friend, and I enjoy
the sweet ambrosia of deep frying poultry.

K’s brother enjoys our cheese and cracker hors d’oeuvres.
Yes, it’s Easy Cheese.  We’re just that classy.

Guests mingle while Nana makes gravy.

The young man on the right is a college student who goes to our church.
He’s from the Congo, so he had never had fried turkey.
Or Easy Cheese.
We consider them our little contribution to international diplomacy.





and did I mention food?

J has his eyes on the turkey cake.

Finally, everybody’s favorite part.  Eating.

I think I see K down at the other end of the table.
She may actually be in the next zip code.

Some post-meal conversation

After the eating, it’s time for the watching of football.

Or, in my brother’s case, enjoying a carbohydrate-induced nap.

J’s preferred implement of destruction for the turkey cake head.

Overall, not a good day to be a turkey.

But not a bad day to be a kid.
Or an adult.

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One Comment on “T-Day”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    It was a great day to be “me.” With grease up to my elbows. thanks.

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