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The Nose knows

December 31, 2009

K is off all this week.  Looking for someplace for the kids to run off some energy, she made a stop at the mall.

Of course this usually ends up means K runs off some energy, at least using the credit card.

After the mall cop (Look out! He’s got a Segway!) kicked K out of the kid play pit of despair for having a chai tea (I guess he was worried about adding another layer of filth to the floor), they made a stopped at Lord & Taylor so K could continue her never-ending quest for a “signature-scent,” whatever that means.

Looking to involve J as much as possible (because, when you really think about it, what 4 years old boy doesn’t like perfume shopping), she let him smell the samples and provide input.

After he smelled the first sample, K asked him what he thought it smelled like.

“The beach!” he replied.

The saleswoman looked amazed.  She turned to K and said “That’s pretty good.  The name of the scent is Beach.”  Dutifully impressed, K had visions of J becoming The Nose a major perfume company.  She pulled up another sample, which J whiffed and exclaimed:

“Smells like the potty!”

Now, J still drops some of his R’s, so K replied “Oh you mean the party.  It smells like the Christmas party we went to last week?”

“No, it smells like the potty!”

The saleswomen, sensing the tension and possible lost sale, tried to salvage the situation. “Well, this is called Bath.  He must thinks it smells like your bathroom.”

“J does it smell like Mommy’s bathroom?” K asked.

“Nope.  It smells like the potty.

And thus ended J’s short lived career as The Nose.


Has it been 13 years already?

December 30, 2009

My mom passed away 13 years ago today.

I thought I’d give a little retrospective.

I miss you Mom.

Every day.

Christmas recap

December 29, 2009

Some highlights from our Christmas morning:

The day started with the annual running of the bulls children

J opened many dinosaur related items, which he immediately started to organize

I think they are in line by size

A was happy with her Snow White dress:

Yes, she does say “it’s just what I ordered”

We did have some interlopers

A’ s hair band ornament

J’s ornament made of ornament hangers

J opened these:

And this was his reaction:

This is going in my new office at church:

Darth Tater.
Nana knows me well.

I picked up some boots and jeans for K.
Yes, I bought jeans for my wife.  Two pairs actually.

I’m thinking of starting a consulting business to help husbands
who are afraid to buy clothes for their wives.


December 28, 2009

One of our Christmas traditions is getting together and watching the movie A Christmas Story (where the main character wants a BB gun).  My dad loves it because it is set in a similar time/place of his childhood.  My brother and I like it because we’ve lived just about every situation in the movie.

On the way out I had to take a picture of this in our foyer:

Yes, it’s a leg lamp.  And yes, it’s up year ’round.
K says it lets visitors know our sense of humor.
Another reason K is awesome.

And look, my brother has one, too.
His only comes out at Christmas, though.

Towards the end of the movie, the family has to go out to dinner at a chinese restaurant because their Christmas dinner was eaten by the next door neighbor’s dogs.  I think my Dad has wanted to recreate part of this scene for years. 

He finally succeeded this year:


He’s very proud.

After dinner, it was movie time.

If you don’t like this movie, something is wrong with you.

Always nice to get the gang together.

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2009

I had a nice, lovely, serious post about Christmas, how it is the celebration of the birth of our Savior, and how we are truly blessed.

But then I figured that would be out of character, so I decided to go with this instead:

My mother is laughing at me

December 24, 2009

Before my regularly scheduled post today, I’d be remiss not to wish my good friend, The CarpoolQueen, a very Happy Birthday.  Thanks for getting me into this whole blog thing (I think).  Hopefully the big guy took care of you today.

As you may recall, one week before Christmas, A decided to change her mind about her most wanted gift from Santa.  Part of me wanted to say “Well honey, Santa probably already has your gift packed and ready to go, and he might not be able to find it on his sleigh.”

But no.  Instead, I took it as a challenge.

So I headed out to the stores nearest my office, determined to bag me a size 4-6 Snow White dress.  Armed with the latest intel from Nana (she had seen them at Target), I had visions of a quick, tactical strike, producing shock and awe amongst the other shoppers.

Then I saw the parking lot at Target.

Hello, Everybody?  This is your brother.  I think we were both out shopping today.

I should have taken the line of cars snaking out into the street as a bad omen. But I persevered, fighting thought small children and grandmothers on the way to the toy section.

Zip.  Nada. Strike one.

Undaunted, I called HQ (aka Nana) for a sitrep.  She said she was positive that the Target near our house had them.  And she was pretty sure they were also available at Toys R Us (and I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to make the backwards “R” in Toys R Us, to no avail).

Armed with this fresh briefing, I broke out of the hoards in the parking lot and headed down the parkway to another shopping center.

And then I sat in the bumper-to-bumper traffic.

20 minutes later, I arrived at Target #2.  While this parking lot was not as horrific as Target #1, it was no picnic.  I think I even parked legally this time.

After treking through the parking lot and slow-walking shoppers (why do they always seem to be in the middle of the aisle, and in front of me?), I made it to the toy section.

Strike two.

You know when you lose your car keys, you keep looking in the same area 2-3 times, just in case they miraculously appeared after the first couple of times you looked?  Well, that’s was me in this Target.  I was sure I had simply overlooked the large section of Disney Princess dresses.  Or that they had more in the back.  Unfortunately, it was not to be.

So, I was down to Toys R Us (I was not going to brave the major shopping region in our area to go to the Disney Store, since spending an hour in traffic to pay $735 for two square inches of fabric pushed the boundaries of my desire not to disappoint my daughter).  Luckily, the Toys R Us was two stores down from Target #2, so I didn’t have to pry the truck out from its current location.

I walked into Toys R Us, said a little prayer, and headed to the Disney section…

And there it was.

The angels sang.  There was much rejoicing.  Even the 1,253 person check-out line could not dampen my spirits.

And the whole time, all I could think about was my mother.  One of my favorite memories of Christmas was in 1977.  A certain little movie came out that year.  And the action figures from that movie were on every 9-year-old’s Christmas list.

Especially the ever elusive Jawa.

The Star Wars Jawa action figure was the holy grail of Christmas gifts that year.  And it was #1 on my list.

And I got it that year.

Later, I would learn that my mother had spent countless hours running from store to store, determined not to let her youngest son be disappointed on Christmas.

I just wonder if A will keep her Snow White dress for 32 years:

Thanks Mom.

Because I was in bed 15 minutes ago

December 23, 2009

K decided to take the day off work yesterday.  The first stop of the day (well, second stop … her first stop was to drop me off at her car, which was still sitting in the mall parking lot) was to take the kids to Panera for a cinnamon crunch bagel nutritious breakfast.  They walk into Panera, sit down, and A exclaims for the whole world to hear:

Mommy, why are you still wearing your pajamas?

K’s first instinct was to say something like “Honey, these aren’t pajamas.  They’re the latest in casual wear that I picked up in Paris.”