Yes ma’am

As I’ve mentioned before, A can be, shall be say, a little headstrong.  She has definite opinions about everything.  One of her most prevalent opinions is that she should be in charge.  Of everything.  And everybody.  For example:

The other night, we were at church for Wednesday night dinner.  J and A’s good friend T was also there.  After dinner, we took all the kids to a big room so they could run off some of that aggravating excess energy play.  After about 20 seconds, A had the boys jumping at her every command.

You there! Do my bidding!

The boys cower in fear of her wrath.

When they dare not to obey, she is
forced to “blow the whistle.”

To get everybody on the same page,
she gets them all to “cuddle up,” as she calls it.
OK, so she needs to work on her sports terms.

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One Comment on “Yes ma’am”

  1. whimzie Says:

    I think “cuddle up” should be adopted as a new sports term!

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