A Mantle day

When we purchased the property on which we built our house, we knew there would be challenges in getting things built due to the many county rules and regulations. We had many ups and downs days along the way (which is a euphemistic way of saying it took us almost 3 years to get the house approved and built). Since my brother was one of who originally suggested purchasing conjoining properties on which to build our two homes, we used to refer to these ups and down days as either a Mantle Day or a Dartboard Day. If things were going well, we’d tell him that his picture was over our mantle for thinking of such a great idea. If things were not going well, his picture was on the proverbial dartboard.

Last Saturday was definitely a Mantle day. It snowed most of the day.  And it was one of those early season wet snows that covers every tree limb and bush, turning our backyard into an Ansel Adams photo:

Of course, building a snowman was a must:

As were snow angels:

OK, A, you’re supposed to be face up.  We’ll work on that.

As was catching snowflakes on the tongue:

And, of course, sled riding:

Overall, defintely a Mantle Day.

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One Comment on “A Mantle day”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    That’s a huge snowman! I can’t believe we haven’t seen a flake of it here.

    I’m officially filing a protest.

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