A little culture

So we decided that it was time to introduce the kids to a little culture in the form of community theater/ballet.

What’s ballet without a pre-show snack?

Everything is better with icing.

They were thrilled with the idea of having their own tickets.

Of course, I was less than thrilled with the price for an 1:15 long show.

So we found our seats…

… and J assumed the ballet-watching position.

It was a mother-daughter moment.

I did get one shot of part of the curtain call … then the camera Nazi usher came barreling down the aisle to tell me “No pictures!!!”

Listen, I know you take your job seriously. And there may be some good reason for not allowing pictures (and using a flash was not a concern, since I know better.  I’ve been blinded on stage too many times myself).

But lighten up.  It’s the curtain call.  Do you think I’m going to steal all your curtain call secrets?

So what goes better after ballet than ubiquitous chain restaurant food?

A is a fan of ice cream, in case you couldn’t figure that out.

Overall, not as painful an experience as it could been.

Wow, the theater should have me write their marketing materials … The Nutcracker! Not as painful as root canal!

But one suggestion. When you advertise a performance as a shortened, kid-friendly, 1 hour 15 minute performance, having the performance actually go 1 hour 45 minutes may not be result in the most restless-free crowd.

I’m just sayin’.

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