She’s a keeper, part 2

So, we’re down in our basement right now, watching TV.   Since it is Monday night, it goes without saying that I am watching Monday Night Football.   Now you might be thinking to yourself  “But what is K doing while you’re watching football?”  Well, before we sat down to watch TV, the following words actually came out of K’s mouth:

“Ahhhh, Monday Night Football. You know, since A’s ballet classes are on Sunday afternoons, I really miss watching football with you.”

Before the season started, she printed out a roster so she could memorize players and positions.  And she makes sure I have a laser pointer on hand to point out the intricacies of certain plays.

I have taught her like football.

My work here is done.

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One Comment on “She’s a keeper, part 2”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    She’s a better woman than I, let me tell you. I’m still a coach or two behind on most teams…

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