Our food critic

J has, shall we say, discriminating tastes.  This is a euphemistic way of saying that he eats only 3-4 foods.  And he’s not big on trying new things.

So we’re usually pretty happy whenever he tries anything new.  The other day, he tried a little bite of something he’s never had before, and this was the conversation that followed:

J:   Mommy, I don’t want to eat more of this.

K:   That’s OK, J.  At least you tried something new.

J:   Yeah.  But it was not delicious.

So what was this horrible new food he nibbled and rejected?

Cinnamon toast.

Who doesn’t like cinnamon toast?

We’re starting to wonder if he’s really related to us.

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One Comment on “Our food critic”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    I think they did something to our children in the NICU. My boys won’t eat cinnamon toast, either.

    Too gritty.

    Too cinnamon-y.

    Too melty.

    Too sad.

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