Ho, Ho, No

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been trying to get the kids focused on asking for one particular item from Santa.  J has been like a laser beam … “dinosaur puzzle” comes out of his mouth each and every time.  And he says this even though he already has every dinosaur puzzle within the nearest three contiguous states.  I think the people at Target must be tired of re-organizing the puzzle section every time we dig through the shelves looking for a new dinosaur puzzle like the annual running of the brides at Filene’s Basement.   But I digress …

I was worried about A changing her mind every other day.  But, much to my surprise, she’s been consistent.  And extremely specific.  Every time I’ve asked she’s said “a green, medium-sized bouncy ball.”

Until last night.

Yes, one week out, her response changed to “a Snow White dress.”

And, of course, I had purchased the “green, medium-sized bouncy ball” approximately two hours earlier.

I have no idea from where the idea for a Snow White dress came.  She never talks about Snow White.  They’ve only watched the movie once.  And at Disney World, the ride Snow White’s Scary Adventure lived up to its name and caused her to actually quiver in fear.

But now, this is her most wanted gift from Santa.

When I asked her what happened to wanting a green medium-sized bouncy ball, she looked at me and calmly said:

“I’m allowed to change my mind, daddy.”

Yes, dear.  It comes with having two X chromosomes.

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One Comment on “Ho, Ho, No”

  1. Carpoolqueen Says:

    She has learned well from her sen-sei.
    And her Aunt Susan.

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