One of our Christmas traditions is getting together and watching the movie A Christmas Story (where the main character wants a BB gun).  My dad loves it because it is set in a similar time/place of his childhood.  My brother and I like it because we’ve lived just about every situation in the movie.

On the way out I had to take a picture of this in our foyer:

Yes, it’s a leg lamp.  And yes, it’s up year ’round.
K says it lets visitors know our sense of humor.
Another reason K is awesome.

And look, my brother has one, too.
His only comes out at Christmas, though.

Towards the end of the movie, the family has to go out to dinner at a chinese restaurant because their Christmas dinner was eaten by the next door neighbor’s dogs.  I think my Dad has wanted to recreate part of this scene for years. 

He finally succeeded this year:


He’s very proud.

After dinner, it was movie time.

If you don’t like this movie, something is wrong with you.

Always nice to get the gang together.

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4 Comments on “Far-ra-ra-ra-ra”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    TREMENDOUS….a good time was had by all, except, I guess, the duck. Thanks.

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    Next year, I’m coming to your house.

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  4. Doris Moreland Says:

    By the way, there is also a 3-D puzzle of the lamp. I found it at a popular bookstore, and yes, bought it. Kudos to people who have traditions based on that movie. There’s a 1st grader at my school that looks JUST like Ralphy. I just want to laugh every time I look at him, but that would scar him for life!

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