The Nose knows

K is off all this week.  Looking for someplace for the kids to run off some energy, she made a stop at the mall.

Of course this usually ends up means K runs off some energy, at least using the credit card.

After the mall cop (Look out! He’s got a Segway!) kicked K out of the kid play pit of despair for having a chai tea (I guess he was worried about adding another layer of filth to the floor), they made a stopped at Lord & Taylor so K could continue her never-ending quest for a “signature-scent,” whatever that means.

Looking to involve J as much as possible (because, when you really think about it, what 4 years old boy doesn’t like perfume shopping), she let him smell the samples and provide input.

After he smelled the first sample, K asked him what he thought it smelled like.

“The beach!” he replied.

The saleswoman looked amazed.  She turned to K and said “That’s pretty good.  The name of the scent is Beach.”  Dutifully impressed, K had visions of J becoming The Nose a major perfume company.  She pulled up another sample, which J whiffed and exclaimed:

“Smells like the potty!”

Now, J still drops some of his R’s, so K replied “Oh you mean the party.  It smells like the Christmas party we went to last week?”

“No, it smells like the potty!”

The saleswomen, sensing the tension and possible lost sale, tried to salvage the situation. “Well, this is called Bath.  He must thinks it smells like your bathroom.”

“J does it smell like Mommy’s bathroom?” K asked.

“Nope.  It smells like the potty.

And thus ended J’s short lived career as The Nose.

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2 Comments on “The Nose knows”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Right now my signature scent is Eau du 4th Grade Boy. I think it’s in the same family as The Potty, The Smelly Shoe, and the Dirty Underwear.

  2. gretchen Says:

    I’d say a date sans kids is in order. She can wear her new eau de toilette.

    Rim shot, pls. I’ll be here all week.

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