He needs to work on his tact

Since I’m already up at church on Wednesdays, we’ve been getting the kids into the habit of coming to church for Wednesday evening dinner.  This week was the first time Nana brought the kids (since I’m already there and K comes straight from work).  There tends to be a teensy bit of traffic around here at that time of day, so Nana was working hard to entertain the kids in the car.  She played a little music.  She sang every song she knew.  I think she tried juggling.

She then heard J pipe up from the back.

“Nana, can we just drive to church in quiet?”

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2 Comments on “He needs to work on his tact”

  1. vivienne Says:

    If Nana’s voice is anything like mine, the kids would be screaming for mercy !!!

  2. I’ve always said: My kids keep me humble.

    Humble indeed.

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