How not to spin news to your daughter

On Saturday, we had two places to be at the same time.  The kids had swim class and we had to be at a friend’s surprise birthday party.  While Nana could cover for us at swim class, she could only take one kid with her (since this class is a parent/child class).  Since A loves swim class, we decided that she would go to class while K and I took J with us to the birthday party.   We described Saturday’s plan while at dinner Friday night.

“A, you’re going to go to swim class while J is going to go with us,” K said.

“Where are you going?” A asked.

“We’re going to a birthday party.”

As soon as the words “birthday party” left her lips, K knew she had made a tactical error.

A lives for birthday parties.

Approximately .0126 seconds later, A’s lower lip started to protrude.

Then the thumb went into the mouth.

Then the tears started.

I think K learned her lesson.

Next time, we’ll tell A we’re going to the dentist.

And yes, I actually took pictures during the entire episode. Yes, I have a blog.
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3 Comments on “How not to spin news to your daughter”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Ah, yes, it’s all in the words. Who said it was easy being a parent.

  2. OH….I’ have so been there…only mine was over an unfortunate incident with a brand new/just-out-of-the-box Easy Bake oven and a plastic spoon, that was clearly marked “Do not use near heating element”…(I’m not much of a direction reader)…Good times.

  3. carpoolqueen Says:


    Yes, dentist, honey.

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