What I learned today, part II

Had another fun day with a Fire Marshall.  I’m starting to be on a first name basis with several of them.  Today, there were no loud noises involved, but I did learn a thing or two:

  1. An interior storage closest may not be the best place to store a full propane container.
  2. Using wire nuts on electrical work is not just a suggestion.
  3. Even with several hundred square feet of building space, you can never have too much storage space. 
  4. Unfortunately, this storage space cannot include stairwells, on top of the fire alarm system, and over exhaust vents.
  5. Because fo #4, the several hundred Christmas wreaths and other Flower Committee items stored in a stairwell will have to find a new home. 
  6. Did I mention my wife is the chairwomen of the Flower Committee?
  7. I am a dead man.
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3 Comments on “What I learned today, part II”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    When I read “wreath”, my blood ran cold.




  2. momologuer Says:

    Just be glad this whole Kindergarten thing has overshadowed the wreath thing…don’t worry, it’s still on my radar.

  3. whimzie Says:

    Your job sounds dangerous….for your homelife!

    And your church sounds very…flammable.

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