My holiday tactical error

Since the church mirrors the Federal Government when it comes to holidays, I had Monday off.  So I thought taking the kids out for lunch and a spin around a mall would be a simple afternoon.

You would think I would have learned better by now.

You see, not only was the Federal Government closed (which is the major portion of the workforce around here), all the surrounding school systems were closed.

And every single government employee and thier children were at this mall.

First, I thought a stop at the play pit would be a nice diversion:

After pulling J and A out of the bottom from a pile of drooling, snotty children, we decided to grab something to eat. Our first challenge was finding a seat:

Of course, even a crowded day off is better than than no day off.  And since K’s company didn’t have the day off, I thought I’d use the opportunity for a little gloating:

Even though it was crowded, a day with the kids is never a bad thing.

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One Comment on “My holiday tactical error”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Eating at Five Guys bears repeating. And after spending the last seven days with one or more sick children at home, the sight of all those germs in the Pit of Despair about sent me over the edge.

    So sorry, so sorry.

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