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Weekend Update

January 25, 2010

Some of the happenings around the imnotned household this weekend:

On Friday, K interviewed some candidates for her open administrative assistant position at work.  She was amazed that just about every candidate had an error/typo on their resume.  The most impressive resume gaff?  The statement of one candidate who was very proud of the fact that she ran “spell heck” on all her documents.

Seriously, you can’t make up irony like that.

Saturday morning, we took the kids to their weekly swimming lesson.  Since some folks at K’s office were working on Saturday, she decided to pick up some donuts and drop them off at her office on the way to swim class.  Of course, we had to purchase a couple of donuts for us as well.  After finishing swim class, we walked out of the rec center, passing all the people feverishly working out, and proceeded to consume several hundred calories of donuty goodness while in the parking lot.

Two opposing forces in the battle of the bulge.

Saturday evening, we had a date night.  K decided to appease me by wearing her skinny jeans and a pair of date-night boots.  Of course, since she got a little self-conscious when I tried to document this outfit (expressly for this blog, of course), I was forced to employ my best surreptitious picture taking methods:

I’m glad nobody called the police, thinking I was a stalker.

Sunday morning, I had my first run-in with not one, not two, but three homeless people at church. Being in a fairly urban environment, this is not an uncommon occurrence, so we have programs in place to accommodate them.  But since my last job had people with automatic weapons guarding my building from any uninvited guests, I’m still getting used to this part of the job.

If nothing else, it’s a humbling experience.