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It’s a party

January 31, 2010

You know, when we were planning J and A’s birthday party, we figured that letting each of them invite one friend from school and one friend from church would keep the event manageable. Plus, we’ve been resisting the current trend of spending hundreds of dollars on the birthday party venue by having it at our house.  We refuse to import ponies, bouncy houses or rent out places like the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for a five-year-old’s birthday party (You think I’m kidding.  People do it all the time.)

So this was going to be easy.

Until the unexpected snowstorm hit.

We’ve been hearing about some winter weather heading our way for about a week.  But every single forecast, including the one on Friday morning, was insisting that we would get a dusting.  1-2 inches at the most.

We got 8 inches.

Now let’s think about how this impacted our weekend.  We were going to have 20 people (in their 7 cars) coming to the house Sunday at 3PM.  We have a 600′ long driveway.  And a broken snowblower.

So, for most of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, we shoveled snow.  Again.

Finally we did get everything clear.  But this pretty much tapped out any energy reserves we had before the party even started.

Six. Hundred. Feet

That’s a “5” balloon on our mailbox.  J wondered what “S” stood for.

Playing Car Tetris

Nice Cinderella’s carriage balloon.

Guests arriving

First up, fishing for party favors.

Then birthday cupcakes

And then the presents

The Birthday Princess seemed pleased

She’s a hugger.

Dinosaur. Puzzle.  Book.  The trifecta for J.

My dad gave them some antique metal trains …

…that he had wrapped up in 1998.

The Leapsters may be detrimental to conversation.

So, who’s going to clean up?