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Pressure cooker

February 26, 2010

As I’m writing this, K and I are sitting in the school offices of a kindergarten we’re considering for J and A. We just left the kids in their “screening” room, where they are probably being asked about letters and drawing.

Of course, we’re imagining that they are being grilled on particle physics, how to conjugate the vulgar form of Latin, and being asked to compare and contrast socialism vs. Marxism.

And we’re this worried for kindergarten? Lord help us when we hit first grade.


Happy Birthday Nana

February 25, 2010

Yesterday was Nana’s 29th birthday!

Hey, when somebody keeps you and your wife sane, you want to make sure they’re happy.

Icing, sprinkles, and fingerprints by J and A

Happy Birthday Nana!

Snow shield engaged

February 24, 2010

For anybody worried that we might get more snow (which might cause me to become even more unhinged than my normal state of unhinged-ness), fear not. We are now guaranteed not to receive any measurable snow for the foreseeable future. How can I be so certain, you ask? Because this arrived at our house this weekend:

Yes, this is the infamous snow-blower which has been non-functioning while  nearly 70″ of snow has fallen during 4 snowstorms over the past two months. It is now in perfect working order, thanks to Sears (and $376).

So we are completely safe.

Until it breaks again.

Then we’re doomed.

A real man

February 23, 2010

J got a haircut this weekend.

As a part of the process, they put a little styling mousse in his hair.

Afterward, he reached up, touched his hair, and said “I don’t like it.  It’s crunchy.”

That’s my boy.  Real men don’t use product.

House of Bounce

February 22, 2010

For my Friday off last week, I decided the kids needed a little cabin fever energy burn off, so we went over to our nearest sport bounce establishment (i.e. a small warehouse full of the largest inflatable bounces and slides you’ve ever seen, with minimal oversight or safety procedures).

I think this is the extent of their safety equipment

Land o’ slides

This blur is J

This head first blur is daredevil A

J disappears into the abyss

See guys, cages aren’t so bad.

They decided that the biggest slide was their favorite, going down it 30-40 times.  Unfortunately, watching them go down this slide caused me to go into cardiac arrest 30-40 times.

Especially when they almost take each other out…

I think A picked up on my tension, so she started pretending to crash each time she went down the slide.  Which was oh so helpful.

Finally, they convinced me to take a turn…

After the paramedics left, it was time to pack up.  But first, J had to replenish the water he was sweating off.

Of course, I was taken back by the fact that
he doesn’t need to use the step stool anymore.

But I’m really concerned about A’s leg growth spurt.

So close…

February 18, 2010


The secret to a happy marriage for men is choosing a wife who is smarter and at least five years younger than you, say UK experts.”

Honey, I’m sorry.  One out of two ain’t bad.  And you were this close to making the age cut.

The positive side of the snow

February 16, 2010

Just so you don’t think we’re completely miserable in the snow, we are having some fun (especially since it finally stopped snowing).

Sledding with cousins next door

A tends to be fearless

I especially like her “That was awesome!” yell at the end

While J doesn’t even need a sled

A’s best snow bunny look.

And her best snowboarder look.

My brother came out for a couple of runs.

I guess weight plays a part in the physics of sledding.