Another 6 months

J had his bi-annual cardiologist appointment yesterday (if you don’t know the story of his heart, check out this earlier post).  Once again, the results were “Status quo.  Come back in 6 months.” – which is what we want at this point.  Some highlights:

Like the Boy Scouts, I’m always prepared…

… except when it came to having J’s insurance card.  I didn’t have it in my wallet, but …

… I did have some year-old Fast Passes from Disney World.
(K made me include this shot to demonstrate my lack of
organizational skills)

First up, blood pressure…

…then the EKG…

… a little blood oxygen reading…

…and finally the cardio ultrasound.

J celebrates a good checkup

Then it was on to our traditional post-cardiologist celebration meal…
Yes, I get the irony.

And last but not least …

A hug from A when J gets home.

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5 Comments on “Another 6 months”

  1. whimzie Says:

    Yay, J!!! I just went back and read all the heart posts. Wow. Just wow. And thank you, God!

  2. gretchen Says:

    Wow. Glad I stopped by and stayed for a while. You know the first thing I noticed in the “tubes” picture was how different his body color was, too. I continue to learn that everyone has a story, and very little is “as meets the eye”. Congrats on the clean bill of health. May God be praised.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Hadn’t looked at the blog in a few days. A great 5th BD party. The PRR “floor train”(I learned that that is what the cast iron ones are called, for obvious reasons.) The 6 month checkup….”YES.” Now we’re waiting for the “big” snow. Whew ! Now where is that snow blower when you need it. Be safe. 🙂

  4. carpoolqueen Says:

    Fabulous news! So proud of him –

  5. vivienne hubbell Says:

    such good news !!! Thank you God.

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