You know, I’ve always been quite fond of the words “thigh high.”

Until they were coupled with the word “snow.”

We had yet another huge snowstorm this weekend (this one dubbed “Snowmageddon” by the media and our Commander In Chief).  It started snowing around 10AM on Friday morning and didn’t stop until around 6PM Saturday night.  Over that time, I went out every three hours or so, measured the depth at one particular location, then shoveled away the snow in that location.  This way, I could get a better idea how much snow actually fell, since if you wait and measure after all the snow has fallen, the first several inches are compacted by the weight of snow above.

Can you tell I’m an engineer?

So, what was the total?

That’s right … 34 inches.

Almost 3 feet.

Thigh-high snow.

Some of the snowlights:

Friday afternoon.  It begins.

A good time to hunker down for movie night

By late Friday, it was already above the landscaping lights

Because it was snowing 2 inches an hour.

Sat. AM.  I don’t think we’ll be using the porch today.

Or getting K’s car out.

My snow depth measurement spot.

Went out for some beauty shots.  Not a bad backyard.

I call this shot “Juxtaposition.”

I don’t think Nana’s car is going anywhere.

Of course, getting out our front door isn’t easy.

And going out the window wouldn’t be much easier.

There’s a fence there somewhere.

I think this is an arbor.

I headed out to dig out the truck left at the end of the driveway.
Now I know why snowshoes were invented.

This is how far down the driveway was.

Looking back at the house…

…and my ultimate destination down the driveway.

Finally made it to my truck.

At least I think it’s my truck.

Let’s hope nobody needs to see our address sign.

Or deliver mail.

An hour later, the truck was free.

Thought this news report was funny.  This shows people sledding down the steps of the National Gallery of Art.  People in DC can loosen up every once in a while:

Sunday AM.  The sun came out.

So did the kids.

She finally gave up trying to walk.

We put Nana to work on the side walk.
A is supervising.

While K dug out the front walk.

The view from the bottom of K’s trench.

I headed back to the truck to try to see if we could get out.

You know it’s deep when the deer make tracks this big.

Deep snow does make a nice seat when you
become exhausted from trudging through it.

The view at the end of my driveway.  My brother met me there to help out.

Unfortunately, since the plow hadn’t been by, we couldn’t get out.

So, I trudged back to the house.

Nana’s car was now dug out.

The house, however was not.

After playing outside, A is ready for some football.

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6 Comments on “34”

  1. […] Our favorite commenter, ImNotNed, is stranded in three feet of snow.  He ain’t going anywhere for a day or two.  Go over and say hello to him.  I’m sure […]

  2. gretchen Says:

    Wow. Trying to focus on the composition of your photos, but I find myself distracted by (ahem) almost coveting your lovely brick home.

    Enjoy the jammie days.

  3. whimzie Says:

    It’s probably easier for me to say because I’m not in it and probably won’t be for a long, long, time (found out not too long ago that we’re moving to Florida), but it really looks like fun!

  4. My favorite was the reenactment of the neighbors conversation….”He’s got a blog, you know?” Funny!

    Thanks for the photos. That is a lot of snow! Hope the next system isn’t as snowy!

  5. carpoolqueen Says:

    Big snow was always a lot more fun when other people were responsible for getting you out….

  6. quotation marks Says:

    And I thought i had it bad. Sorry I couldn’t help you out “out in the woods.”

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