Duties as assigned

The Federal Govenment was closed for a second day on Tuesday (and is closed today as well).  Since the church mirrors the Federal Government when it comes to inclement weather closings, we were closed.  You’d think that meant another day off for me, eh?

Not exactly.

We have 30+” of snow on the ground.  And are expecting another 10-18″.  Since the church has been closed since Saturday, none of the original 30+” has been cleared from the sidewalks and entrances (the lots have been plowed, though).  So, in order to expedite the process, we sent out a congregation-wide announcement, asking for volunteers to help clear the walks before the next storm.

Many hands … light work.

And nobody was maimed or killed.

Our Senior Pastor takes a break

So, even though I “had the day off,” I was still shoveling snow.

And will be tomorrow.  And probably the next day.

I’m starting to know how Sisyphus felt.

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One Comment on “Duties as assigned”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it. We had such a bunch to do here. I had no idea you were even able to make it there.

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