Imagining our happy place

We’re trying to imagine these:

Instead of our current reality:

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5 Comments on “Imagining our happy place”

  1. vivienne hubbell Says:

    I am eagerly awaiting the next set of snow removal photos & comments. You all have become one of my every day fun places to visit !!! I think you have the BIG THREE “F”s going on there. Faith,Family,& last but not least FUN !!! Can I move in ?

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Wind + snow = a pain. Seems like I’ve been shoveling for a week….then again, I have. I can’t even imagine how it’s been at your place. Hang in there

  3. quotation marks Says:

    First picture looks like parts of SXM. Can you imagine if we’d gone either of the last two Saturdays and had come home, or tried on the following Saturdays. Whew.

  4. carpoolqueen Says:

    Are you cranky? I think you are. I haven’t seen any fun or witty things on Twitter in the last few days.


  5. whimzie Says:

    I’m afraid this is going to turn out like The Shining.

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