House of Bounce

For my Friday off last week, I decided the kids needed a little cabin fever energy burn off, so we went over to our nearest sport bounce establishment (i.e. a small warehouse full of the largest inflatable bounces and slides you’ve ever seen, with minimal oversight or safety procedures).

I think this is the extent of their safety equipment

Land o’ slides

This blur is J

This head first blur is daredevil A

J disappears into the abyss

See guys, cages aren’t so bad.

They decided that the biggest slide was their favorite, going down it 30-40 times.  Unfortunately, watching them go down this slide caused me to go into cardiac arrest 30-40 times.

Especially when they almost take each other out…

I think A picked up on my tension, so she started pretending to crash each time she went down the slide.  Which was oh so helpful.

Finally, they convinced me to take a turn…

After the paramedics left, it was time to pack up.  But first, J had to replenish the water he was sweating off.

Of course, I was taken back by the fact that
he doesn’t need to use the step stool anymore.

But I’m really concerned about A’s leg growth spurt.

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One Comment on “House of Bounce”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    …and I’ll bet that they….and you…slept well that night. Looks like fun.

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