Snow shield engaged

For anybody worried that we might get more snow (which might cause me to become even more unhinged than my normal state of unhinged-ness), fear not. We are now guaranteed not to receive any measurable snow for the foreseeable future. How can I be so certain, you ask? Because this arrived at our house this weekend:

Yes, this is the infamous snow-blower which has been non-functioning while  nearly 70″ of snow has fallen during 4 snowstorms over the past two months. It is now in perfect working order, thanks to Sears (and $376).

So we are completely safe.

Until it breaks again.

Then we’re doomed.

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3 Comments on “Snow shield engaged”

  1. vivienne hubbell Says:

    It’s always a crap shoot !!!

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    If it breaks again, I say spend the $376 for a ticket to Jamaica.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Let’s see: divide the $376 by the number of “Man/Woman” hours of shoveling. I’m not going to do the math….maybe ten cents an hour? Great exercise and even somewhat of a social event, right? “Not.” 🙂

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