Reason 3,426 why we’re spoiled

Last week, we realized we had an opportunity.  We realized that we had absolutely no commitments for the weekend. 

No birthday parties

No classes

No church functions

Absolutely nothing planned.

So, in yet another example of why we are so incredibly spoiled to have Nana here, on Wednesday, K and I decided that we could have a get-away Friday and Saturday night.

Yes, with two days advanced notice.  Again with the spoiled thing.

So Friday night we headed out for a weekend of absolutely nothing.  We stayed in most of the time, ordering over-priced room service and pay per view movies.  We ventured out only once for some junk-food supplies.

We purchased these based on a friend’s recommendation.
These cookies do not suck.

I took this video … just because I could.

Of course, this best summarizes our weekend:

The Do Not Disturb sign from our hotel.

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4 Comments on “Reason 3,426 why we’re spoiled”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:


    Oh, and we can avoid the pit of despair now because they’re all too tall.

    Sorry, kids.

  2. vivienne hubbell Says:


  3. quotation marks Says:

    Too many comments come to my mind about all of the above re the weekend…and aren’t you glad I decided to keep them to myself.

  4. whimzie Says:

    So glad you’ve joined me in my addiction. In fact, I had those for breakfast just this morning. Do NOT judge me.

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