While K was off gallivanting with our friend CPQ this weekend, our church hosted our annual Easter festival for kids, called EGGstravaganza (and yes, I’ve had to add that word to my spellchecker).  You know the drill: popcorn, cotton candy, egg hunt, puppet shows, slides of death…

We’ll come back to that last part in a little bit.

This was my first time behinds the scenes at one of these shindigs, though.  Overall, it’s a lot of work, but is a great outreach to the community.  It’s free, but gets folks into a church who might not ever darken the door.

The event actually started early for me.  Since our Facilities Manager retired about three weeks ago, his duties have fallen to me temporarily. One of those duties is closing the parking lot for the EGGstravaganza the night before.

Even a church can be creepy at midnight

The next morning, we were still finishing up a couple of things:

Like prepping 1500 lunches

Always a good sign when the police pitch in to help set up

So everything was ready to go.  But we we couldn’t get started …

…until the guests of honor arrived.

A couple other folks showed up too.
I’m really glad the fire marshal wasn’t one of them.

The puppet show seemed to be a hit:

Next it was on to the Easter egg hunt…

…with 1500 of our closest friends

J, A, and Nana are in there somewhere.

The ponies stand ready for riders.
BTW, it is really amazing how much
poop such small ponies can produce.
Just sayin’.

After nearly killing other children for a tiny piece of candy in a small, plastic, color-not-found-in-nature egg, J and A were ready for some real food.

This was A’s definition of “real food.”

As was this.

After these little snacks, it was time to partake of the various attractions.  Since the pony ride line was approximately 14 hours long, we decided to head to the inflatables.

This line was not much shorter.
At least it was a nice day.

This is the slide they wanted to ride.
Does this picture instill a sense of foreboding

Isn’t this the part in the movie
where they start playing ominous music?

Let’s look at just the good parts again:

Kinda reminds me of watching the Zapruder film.
Back and to the left, back and to the left …

OK, there were no Js harmed in the filming of this picture (although our friend CPQ thinks we should submit this to America’s Funniest Videos).

He was back in the saddle again in no time.

However, I would not let them ride the mini bungee jump.

It’s just my rule of thumb to never ride any mechanical apparatus
that can be transported on the back of a flatbed truck
and setup in under 10 minutes.

So several hours later, everyone finally went home.  Of course, the real work fun had just begun, since we still had other church activities starting three hours after the end of the EGGstravaganza.

Who made that decision?  Oh, yeah, that would be me.  Remind me to send myself an email about that later.

Our friend Gary manned the cotton candy machine for 3 hours.
A lint roller and a shower may be in order.

Everyone pitched in to help clean.
This is our Family Life minister.
I call this picture “Good staff meeting material.

Overall, a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

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3 Comments on “EGGstravaganza”

  1. vivienne hubbell Says:

    What a great time !!! It’s interesting how your perspective changes on things when you are in charge isn’t it ? Still waiting to hear how K did on her shoping trip !!!

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    You’re going to be as tired as we are this morning. That shopping is hard work. It’s best left to professionals like us.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Just a little series of comments:
    1. Church “creepy” at night. You didn’t used to think so when you were playing capture the flag, or whatever the name of the “in the dark” game was….that was “outlawed” some years ago….or when you were hiding somewhere in the darkness of somewhere in the church.
    2. Good for the cops.

    3. Yea, for Nana.

    4. Great turn-out.

    5. Set up hard; clean up really hard.

    6. “real” food; A must take after you and K.

    7. J just has his own way of slidding, or propelling himself, or whatever. Probably a good decision about the Bundgy jump, or whatever it was called. Did you try it?

    So much for now.

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