A lot o’ weekend

The weekend so jam-packed that it took me two days to record it all.

Either that or I forgot to do it Sunday night.

In any event, the weekend started with a bang (literally) with a trip to the circus on Friday night.

That’s it kids.  The circus is just this trailer.

I think “Ringling” is old English for “Overpriced Crap”

At least the $12 cotton candy came with this stylish hat.

Now I have memories of going to the circus as a kid.  But, I’m fairly confident that none of those memories involved hearing loss.  I believe they should change the slogan of the circus to “The Loudest Show on Earth”

Imagine this music for 2 hours.

And before you say “Well, I’m sure it wasn’t that loud,” remember that I am a geeky engineer.

Make that a geeky engineer with an iPhone.

Using said iPhone, I downloaded a sound pressure level meter app and measured just how loud it was.

Yes, I downloaded and used this app *during* the circus.  Did you not read the “geeky engineer” part?

The verdict?  The average decibel level was 87.  The peak was 100.  According to OSHA, 80dB is considered the “Discomfort Level.”  100dB can be compared to a chain saw or pneumatic drill.


So the kids spent the entire show like this:

I should have listened to K when she suggested
bringing hearing protection, just in case.

Nevertheless, the kids did have fun.  There were elephants:

And tigers:

Acrobats with rings of fire

And it’s not a circus until somebody gets shot out of a canon.

On Saturday, we had not one, but two birthday parties to attend.  The first one was the typical party held for 5-year-olds in this area.  That means:

A bouncy house

A traveling petting zoo, complete with turtles, pigs, chickens,
ferrets, rabbits, sheep, goats, ponies, and llamas.
Yes, I said llamas.

And enough pizza and cake for 100 of your closest friends.

But the black icing was a nice touch.

After leaving that party, we had just enough time to get J a haircut…

… before heading to another birthday party.

Ooooh.  This party had a smoker.

And a much more manageable guest list.

In typical A fashion, she spent most of the evening getting the boys to chase her.  Luckily she’s still faster than they are.

On to Easter Sunday.  After their Easter basket hunt (and by “hunt” I mean A found her basket in 2 seconds while J stood in one place, turning around and exclaiming “I can’t find my basket” until A helped him out), it was time to get ready for church.

J was not excited about the tie.

And would not let his joy interfere
with his ability to make a great picture.

Our church has an extremely talented
Flower Committee chairwoman.
Did I mention she’s pretty cute, too?

After church, Easter lunch (and another egg hunt) was at my dad’s.

A’s speed comes in handy once again.

Snatched right out of his hand.

What was that red-headed blur?

Losing candy-filled eggs is no great loss to J, since he still doesn’t eat candy. But he does love to open the eggs.

And, as they say, the goofy apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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2 Comments on “A lot o’ weekend”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Traveling LLAMAS? I think I’ll take party #2 for the smoker there, Alex.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Now, where to start? The Patriot Center has always been loud, eg Arena Football–and watch out for the gorilla rappelling from the ceiling. Great elephants. Many great memories of my times at the circus with my parents in NY. Then there was the one time that you as a little guy got selected, with older brother, by the clowns and were escorted to the floor level where you were driven around the arena to the screaming of the crowd. You didn’t like it. You were suspicious when at the beginning of the circus that pretty girl came up to you and S and put large “pins” on you to obviously ID you for later. Little did you know, but you kept asking “why’d she put that pin on me?”
    As to A and her speed, someday she won’t run so fast…on purpose…then watch out.
    And by the way: who really likes ties?
    And by the way; good for “goofy” J.
    Enough said.

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