We had a ball

Saturday’s event went off without a hitch.  After a whirlwind 36 hours of final prep, setup, actually going to the event, then striking everything at midnight Saturday, we’re tired.  But as K likes to say “It’s a good tired.”

To me, the only good tired is the 3 seconds before I fall asleep while watching golf on TV.  But I digress.

This fund-raising ball was for a local charity that provides medical humanitarian aid around the world.  As I mentioned on Friday, K has been becoming more and more involved with the decorations for this event every year.  This year’s theme was “Treasure of the Tradewinds,” which meant we had to walk the fine line between Caribbean and Pirate without going too far towards either.

The prep room

K and our friend S put together centerpieces

Closeup on the wax seal in the centerpieces
Or rather, the stick-on, faux wax seal that saved us hours

Compasses for under the centerpieces

And yes, I used my iPhone compass to make sure they
were all facing north.  So sue me.

One finished centerpiece

34 more to go

A hallway decoration, focusing on the charity’s “treasure”

A closeup on this medical supply “treasure”

Using a column as a mast, with faux sails over the doors to the ballroom

The Explorer’s Tent inside the ballroom

Closeup on the Explorer’s Tent table.
We couldn’t find the exact table we wanted for this,
so I cobbled one together.
On Wednesday.

Final Ballroom prep

Setup for the silent and live auction.

So after finishing setup, we ran home, cleaned up a bit, changed into some adult clothes, then headed back for the Ball.

She cleans up pretty good.

The silent auction in progress.
I guess the word “silent” is metaphoric.

Did I mention K cleans up pretty good?
Another one of my stalker-esque pictures.

People were taking pictures in front of the treasure chest
and Explorer’s Tent, which was a good sign that they looked OK.

Hungry people heading into the ballroom

The food did not suck either

And all the effort was worth it.

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6 Comments on “We had a ball”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Gorgeous!!!!! The flowers, the decorations, K’s dress and hair….

    You look spiffy, yourself.

    And now you can collapse 🙂

  2. momologuer Says:

    What inn’s not mentioning here is HIS involvement in this…

    – made a table, from scratch!
    – cut and fit the muslin to create the tent
    – hauled three hump-backed trunks and aforementioned tent
    – 15 ficus trees hauled from church
    – fashioned keys for the trunks (suffered a bad burn from that one)
    – constructed a treasure island and arranged the treasure
    – 82 scouting trips to every craft store in Virginia
    – Hundreds of hours researching on-line to find the perfect yellow ring for me to match my dress (that he bought for me for the event)

    And looked mighty fine in a tuxedo! What more could a girl ask for?

    Our only argument was over how to arrange the medical treasure. He was wrong. I was right.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Sounds like a good “match” and sharing of the labor. Sounds like when you said “jump,” he said how high. Good. And by the way, the “stuff” looked great. I assume you were paid by the hour, right…. 3 cents an hour. But at least the “mileage” is deductible. Ha. Problem is, you did/do too good a job. As the Brooklyn Dodgers used to say after losing to the NY Yankees in the World Series, year after year, “Wait ’til next year.”

  4. quotation marks Says:

    …and p.s. Looks like you had a “ball” at the “ball.” But I’m sure that’s the reference you were making in the “title” of this segment.

  5. quotation marks Says:

    …and p.p.s

    You obviously didn’t turn into pumpkins or mice at the end of the evening. That’s enough for now. Back to work.

  6. […] attention turns to decorating a huge ballroom for several hundred of our closest friends.  As in previous years, K is in charge of decorations for a 350 person, black tie, fund-raising event for a local […]

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