Am I blue

One of the things K likes to do at bedtime is ask the kids to tell God something they are thankful for that day.  In order to avoid the obvious “You, mommy”- type answers, she usually adds some qualifier to the question.  The other day she asked:

“Tell God something you’re thankful for that’s blue.”

Without a millisecond pause, A answered:

“Tommy’s eyes”

Shoot me now.

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4 Comments on “Am I blue”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    You’re in trouble, mister. Starts with T and rhymes with P and that stands for pesky boys.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    And I imagine T is thankful for A’s eyes too.

    Hang on.

    And by the way; what color are K’s eyes? I know you’re thankful. 😉

  3. vivienne hubbell Says:

    It sure starts early, doesn’t it. My nine month old great neice, flirts shamelessly with her big blue eyes.

  4. Brother J Says:

    Sooooooo much trouble…..


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