Depends on your definition of quiet

Yesterday I was out at lunch. Not having a lot of time, I ran into the closest McDonalds for a salad.

Yes, I voluntarily went to McDonalds.

Without the kids.

And I really did get a salad. But I digress.

I sat down across from a mother and her two small boys, probably 6 and 4. They were typical boys, looking at trucks out the window, begging to play with the Happy Meal toys, squirming as if they had a veritable army of ants in their pants…

You know, typical boy stuff.

When they were leaving, their mother, noticing me eating lunch by myself, stopped and said in a most sincere voice “I am really sorry if we disturbed your quiet lunch.”

I immediately responded:

“Ma’am, I am the father of five years old twins. This is a quiet lunch for me.”

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4 Comments on “Depends on your definition of quiet”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Hey, “quiet” is relavent. For me, it’s when my telephone isn’t ringing, or if you can believe it, while I’m driving, especially on the GW Parkway.

  2. vivienne hubbell Says:

    I love it !!!

  3. carpoolqueen Says:

    Ah, perspective. It’s a beautiful thing. P.S. I’m assuming the salad is related to the P90X thing? How’s that going for ya?


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