You have a lot of gall … or maybe not.

You would think that having a week off work would have afforded me a lot of time to blog, eh? I guess the four holes in my gut (and a healthy dose of percoset) put a damper on my creative muse. Oh well.

So, where was I? Oh yes, in the hospital. My last post was written on my iPhone while I laid in a hospital bed, awaiting surgery. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

About two weeks ago, late in the evening, I had a pretty good pain in my stomach. Kinda like the worst cramping you can imagine. After several sleepless hours, the pain went away. Chalking it up to a bad meal, I thought nothing of it.

Until it happened again four days later.

Now this time it happened earlier in the evening. I chugged some Pepto and it went away in about an hour. Again, thinking it must be food related, I dismissed this episode as well.

I guess third time’s the charm, eh? Because three days after that, at about 11 PM, the pain returned.

And this time it brought reinforcements.

This third time the pain was so intense that I couldn’t stand up straight. It laughed off my pitiful Pepto attempt. It mocked me in my desire to sleep it off. After three hours of this, I knew this was not some run-of-the-mill reaction to less than stellar nutritional choices.  So I sucked up my man-pride and decided to go to the ER.

And this is the point in the program where I mention that K was 2400 miles away at the time.

With Nana in the house, at least I was safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t make two 5-year-olds spend several oh-so-entertaining hours in the ER waiting room.  Not wanting to wake my brother with either a phone call or ambulance speeding past his house, I decided I was coherent enough to drive myself to the ER.

Mostly because I had yet to check off the box  on my man-card that says “Was stupid enough to think he was OK to drive himself to the ER.”

Luckily, our nearest hospital is a 2 minute drive from the house.  From the time I walked into the ER, I must have been a part of the most efficient hospital experience known to mankind.  To wit:

2:30 AM – Arrive at ER
2:32 AM – Taken back to an ER bed without ever sitting down in the ER waiting room
2:45 AM – Bloodwork and IV
2:50 AM – The sweet release only found through the proper application of pharmaceutical narcotics
3:00 AM – Ultrasound
3:30 AM – ER doctor says gallbladder is inflamed and full of stones.  Says it should be removed ASAP.
3:45 AM – Called K to fill her in. Always fun to have to wake up your spouse to tell her you’re having surgery while she’s a minimum of 12 hours away.
4:00 AM – Admitted and moved to a regular room.
8:00 AM – Met with surgeon.  Says I could go home, but these attacks will just continue.  His second surgical slot of the day is open, and we decide to move ahead.
11:15 AM – Moved to pre-op
12:15 PM – Moved to surgery.  Remember the anesthesiologist  saying “OK” then …
1:30 PM – … I wake up in recovery.
2:00 PM – Moved back to my room. Sleep for a couple more hours.
5:00 PM – Ate my lovely low-fat hospital food
5:45 PM – Got clearance to go home
6:20 PM – Left the hospital
6:30 PM – Arrived home
6:35 PM – K arrives home after 6 hours in the San Francisco airport and 6 hours on a plane.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

And now, a pictorial review:

This is what 3AM in the ER looks like.  Nice.

Gurney-cam.  I think I look rather relaxed.

Post-surgery fashion accessories are all the rage this year.

And nothing but the finest cuisine

Yes, I am sleeping with iPhone in hand.  I need help.

I beat K home by 5 minutes.

A brought me a princess to cheer me up.

A handmade card from my nieces.
Yes, it’s a picture of a gallbladder,
with the words “Who needs one anyway?”

And I’ll end with the obligatory surgery site picture:

You’re welcome.

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5 Comments on “You have a lot of gall … or maybe not.”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    See, aren’t you glad you finally got the iPhone? What else would you have done for those hours on the gurney without it?

    Good blogger….

  2. Brother J Says:

    Glad everything came out OK!


    Seriously, good to hear you’re doing well. I’m sure K was in “stress management” mode.

    Here’s to a quick recovery!


  3. vivienne hubbell Says:

    Glad to hear you are o.k. & K made it home 5 min. after you did. Get well fast.

  4. vivienne hubbell Says:

    Loved the princess, doesn’t everyone ? Also the card from the neices. creativity must run in the family.

  5. quotaation marks Says:

    Blow by blow….with pictures….where were your 3×5 cards? You took your own pics until she shut you off. Glad you’re feeling better….at least I hope so.

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