Get Lost

OK, usually I limit this blog to cute things the kids have done, neat life stories, etc.  But I’m going to give myself some latitude for one opinion piece.  If you didn’t watch the show Lost, or have no desire to hear my opinion of it, you can stop reading now and come back tomorrow for more wacky anecdotes and YouTube videos.


I’ve been watching the show Lost since its inception.  I love TV shows with large, interconnected story arcs.  For almost 6 years, this show has been the mother of all large, interconnected story arcs.

Until The End.

Now, on an emotional level, I liked The End.  It wrapped up a lot of the “character-driven” plot points.  However, from an intellectual level, it was a hollow farce.

The show spent over 5 years developing an intricate, interwoven mythology involving smoke monsters, hieroglyphics, electromagnetism, wacky 70’s research companies, three-toed statues, submarines, polar bears, infections, comic books, psychic powers, fertility issues, mysterious supply drops, maps written in invisible ink, mysterious repeating numbers, weird tattoos, talking to dead people, various rules, a frozen donkey wheel, pendulums, atomic bombs, circles of ash, and time travel.

And, in The End, very little, if any of this mattered one bit.

As the end of the series has approached, the writers/producers have starting repeating that Lost has always been a “character-driven” show, so these types of details aren’t central to the show.


Do you really think the millions of people were watching this show solely because of the characters?  Of course characters and character development are integral parts of any show.  But for 6 years, the main draw of the show has been the mysterious, interwoven mythology.  And to simply jettison this mythology and fall back on the “character-driven” excuse is a sign of lazy writing.

Since the finale, I’ve heard the phrase “we left these things as mysteries so that each viewer can have their own interpretation” repeated over and over as well.  It goes hand in hand with “Well, if you need the writers to spell out everything for you, you really haven’t been paying attention.”  Excuse me? Not paying attention?  Have you seen the thousands and thousands of analyses of each episode? Most people paid more attention during Lost than any other show in recent history.  The reason the writers left so much “open to interpretation” and didn’t spell out answers to the mysteries presented in the show was because they couldn’t.  Again, lazy writing.

Another excuse was that they claimed they didn’t have time to answer most of the questions posed in the previous 5 years because they had a hard and fast end date to the series.  But they were the ones who insisted on this end date.  To add insult to injury, they spent several episodes of the last season having the main characters sitting around a temple, talking to newly-introduced characters that had no purpose, in effect wasting several episodes.  But they still claim they “didn’t have time” to answer all the questions.  More lazy writing.

Want to know my “interpretation” of Lost? You had some writers who developed a great nugget of a story idea, started fleshing out some fascinating and intricate mythology, watched it snowball into a full fledged cultural phenomenon, only to realize that they had no idea how to wrap up the whole thing. So they cobbled together a story book happy ending, threw in a couple of token “Oh look how they had the same character do the same thing in the first and last episode to tie things together” moments to distract from the fact that they really didn’t explain anything, and then hid behind the various excuses I’ve already mentioned.

To me, it’s like having a 50 chapter book where the first 49 chapters were written by Tom Clancy, only to have the climactic last chapter written by Danielle Steel.

And I’ll leave you with a link to a video that summaries my feelings pretty well.

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7 Comments on “Get Lost”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Oh good, there was a video. I’m a visual learner. I have an Other pacing the living room spouting the same diatribe.

  2. vivienne hubbell Says:

    It was called LOST.

  3. Momologuer Says:

    I’m proud of you…you didn’t mention Babylon 5 once.

  4. Brother J Says:

    I never watched the show but had similar feelings with the end of Stargate.

    It’s amazing how serious we can take these things.

  5. quotaation marks Says:

    Never watched LOST, but then again there was the last 24 episode……”shut it down.” Now where is he? At least I can understand that a little. Next thing is a movie, as I understand it.

  6. Karen Says:

    This was my third peak at your blog…Dad’s email lead me in today. I was disappointed in the ending too…but not sure I credit bad writing for the wrap up. Early on I had hope that the writers were Christians weaving a web of interest before revealing truth…but alas some of the turns clued me in that they were not. I think their ending is a sad commentary on themselves and society…lost people seeking answers but looking in too many places (religions) for answers. Jesus is the only answer (and the only sacrifice required/no Jack required). God created us to glorify and enjoy him forever…man moved away…not God. Obviously, the writers are “lost” believing all paths lead to “light”.

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