Oh so proud

Having a little time on my hand last week, I did a little TV watching.

And by “little” I mean most of my waking hours.

Most of the time, the kids are not really interested in shows that I want to watch.  They tend to ignore the TV when it’s not tuned to something containing animation.  But the other day, I notice J had stopped putting together puzzles and was watching TV right along with me.

The show?


Nothing brings a tear to my eye faster than my son laughing at the sight of exploding pants.

Or learning to yell “Fire in the hole!” before a countdown … and then laughing maniacally.

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2 Comments on “Oh so proud”

  1. Brother J Says:

    Now that’s a chip off the old block!

    Awesome! 🙂

  2. quotaation marks Says:

    You can “teach” them anything, right?

    You must have got it from your Mother.

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