So we took a couple of days to head out of Dodge for a quick family vacation.  We loaded up the truck and left on Memorial Day.

And what was our first order of business?

Breakfast at Bob Evans, what else?

After ingesting our first several thousand calories of the vacation, we hit the road.  About 3.54 seconds later, we’d had enough of that familiar chorus called “Are we there yet?” so we let the kids watch a video.

The invention of car DVD players and headphones
is right up there with sliced bread.

Except for this problem …

After a couple hours of (mostly) blissful quiet, we arrived at Williamsburg.  We’ve been there several times, so we made a quick stop at our (meaning the kids’) favorite store:

Ye Olde Toy Store

And what did J get?  Was it some historically accurate recreation of a musket?  How about a three pointed hat?


Cause he doesn’t have enough.

Since we did the whole Colonial Williamsburg thing just last year (and since you can only get so many shots of kids in the stockade), we decided to take a pass this time.

And this is where my history loving brother would be smacking his forehead.  He once rented a house on the grounds of Colonial Williamsburg. For. An. Entire. Week.  Does the phrase “Shoot me now” mean anything to you?  But I digress.

Nana, however, had never been there, so we dropped her off at the Colonial Williamsburg visitor center and picked her up a few hours later.  In the meantime, while we headed for our final destination to check in:

Wolf not to scale.

If you’ve never been to a Great Wolf Lodge, imagine an indoor water park on steroids attached to a Disney-style hotel (with a similar Disney-style price).  We’ve heard a lot of good things about them, but had never been to one.  Some highlights:

We had the resort to ourselves for most of our time there.
I guess not a lot of folks go on vacation the day after a Federal holiday.

Since we had three adults and two kids,
we went for the 2 bedroom with kitchenette

J immediately discovered one of three TVs.

This structure was outside our patio.  More on it later.

Since we had a refrigerator, we made a run to Walmart for supplies

We threw some bananas in there for, you know, balance.

A also picked up some new shoes.  Open-toed sling-backs.
She is so K’s daughter.

The two-bedroom suites were all the way at one end of the resort, so this was our routine each time we wanted to go to the water park:

We could have stayed at home and been closer.

Once at the water park portion of the resort, the lack of crowds was very apparent:


Anyone home?

No lines on the water slides.
We had to pry Nana off of these.

Wait, there are some people.

So, we weren’t quite alone.  The sign on the front of the water park said it had a max capacity of 1800 people.  I think it would be generous to say we saw, at most, 150-200 other people.  My type of crowd.

J heads out into the wave pool.
We only said “Wait, where’s J?” one or two times.
He was a big fan of the wave pool.

The kids were fascinated by the 1000 gallon tipping bucket
But they didn’t go anywhere near it.

They spent most of their time on the small slides

And hamming it up for the camera:
Look, the backside(s) of water!
It’s a shame he’s so reserved.

The elusive two headed sea monster.

You remember that yellow structure I talked about earlier?  Turns out it’s the funnel-like end of a large, fast water slide.  Riders empty into the funnel, then swirl around until they drop out the bottom.

I was able to get K on it.


Did I mention K does not do fast, spinning rides?

This one shot was worth the $8 waterproof camera.

After K started speaking to me again, we decided to take on some of the non-water-based activities, such as the arcade.  This was J’s response at seeing an arcade for the first time in his life:

Yes, he is jumping up and down and saying “This is so cool!”
I have a feeling it won’t be his last time in an arcade.

Each night, the resort had a small animatronic show in the lobby:

Let’s just say that Disney has nothing to worry about.

The lodge also had a nightly bedtime story in the lobby.  But the kids prefer our own story time better:

And the Lodge’s story reader wasn’t as cute, either.

So, after three days, two nights, and a total of over 15 hours in the water park, it was time to head home.

But as we headed home, we had to take advantage of one last chance at poor nutritional choices:

Oh Sonic, why can’t we have your
tater-tot and lime-aid goodness in our area?

Overall, I’d give Great Wolf Lodge a thumbs up.  It’s not cheap, but for a day or two, it’s not too bad.

One thing I wouldn’t call it is “relaxing.”

I now need a vacation from my vacation.

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4 Comments on “Aaaahhhhoooooooooo”

  1. vivienne hubbell Says:

    Looks & Sounds like a good time was had by all !!! Poor food choices are made for vacations, that’s when I always allowed them, of course I love them too !!!

  2. CPQ Says:

    So, maybe one night stay? Would T have fun? We’ve been thinking of going but not sure how much fun he’d have.

    • imnotned Says:

      I think he’d have a ball. Other than the slides, almost everything is zero depth entry. Based on my experience with T, he’d camp out under the large structure with all the sprayers, fountains and buckets. You’d probably be hard pressed to get him to leave.

      The hard part will be getting C to pay for it. Ouch!

  3. quotation marks Says:

    WOW ! Right up my alley. Now that funnel looks like a real winner. Looks like a good time was had by all…wet or dry. An Nana even got a “free ticket” at Wlmg. I’ll have to learn her technique. Boy did you pick the right days to go. 1,8000 would have been a bit much. This way you could at least keep an eye on the kids…..sounds like a good idea.

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