Happy Scar-day

We just realized that today is the 5th anniversary of J’s open heart surgery (if you don’t know the story, you can check it out in an earlier post).

So,we had a little celebration:

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3 Comments on “Happy Scar-day”

  1. Doris Moreland Says:

    How absolutely delightful it is to see the cute pics AND have clever writing with wit…so much better than other sites I’ve had…I mean “gotten” to look at. I now have you as a bookmark, so I can see what you all are up to on a regular basis. Things here are great…2 married kids, great in-laws, empty nest, LOVING IT, and miraculously, we haven’t aged a bit 🙂
    Love you guys!!!!
    Doris and Mark

  2. vivienne hubbell Says:

    You guys are just to clever for words !!! Such a great song to be able to sing !!!

  3. quotation marks Says:

    VERY HAPPY DAY !!!!!!

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