Say what?

At Costco yesterday, a series words came out of my mouth that I hope will never leave these lips again.  J and A were getting a little rambunctious, probably from being crammed into the double kids seats in the cart.  J kept trying to give A a hug.  And by hug, I mean a constrictor-like death grip.  Of course, in an attempt to make this look more innocent, he kept kissing A on the cheek, while squeezing the life out of her.  A responded by putting something in the way of his lips to try to keep him at bay.

And this is about the time I said…

“A, please don’t use your tongue when your brother is kissing you.”

In my mind, I swear I could hear banjos being played…

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One Comment on “Say what?”

  1. vivienne hubbell Says:

    At the very least B………….

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