Three Letters

Three simple letters strike fear into the hearts of church workers everywhere.

V. B. S.

Since this is my first year working at the church during Vacation Bible School, I haven’t been aware of all the work that goes into it.

Nor all the noise that comes out of it.

My oldest niece continues to do this terrible thing called growing up.  She’s now singing with the band.

My oldest niece graciously sharing the spotlight
with her two sisters

I’m especially fond of my middles niece’s hat.
Today was crazy hat day, in case you were wondering.

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2 Comments on “Three Letters”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Just “wait.” J and A will probably be the biggest noise makers when they get a little older. They may now be covering their ears, but just from seeing them last night, they’ll catch on quickly what it’s like to be a tweener and a teen. Hang on.

  2. vivienne hubbell Says:

    I see that” Oh Lord, here they come” look often !!! The Thank God there they go look is even better !!!

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