Adventures in golf

While we were off yesterday, we thought a nice game of miniature golf would be fun.

Who knew they made mini-golf that is a little too intense for a five year old.

It started out innocent enough …

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

But pretty soon, it started to get a little, shall we say, creepy…

We should have listened to him.

J and A started OK …

Nice form

She needs to work on her follow-through

But it went downhill quickly …

Yeah, a pent-up creature isn’t scary at all to a five year old.

Now add spiders, crocodiles, natives with blowguns, vampire bats, blasts of air, squirts of water … and this guy…

No, not scary at all.

This is how A spent most of her time at the mini-golf course.

It didn't help our scores, either. You try putting while carrying 40 pounds.

Even monkeys didn’t help.


Quickly, I learned to be the first one on each hole, in order to trip the sensors and “take one for the team,” as it were.

And with temps approaching 100, I didn't mind getting wet.

Finally, after 18 holes o’ terror, we arrived at the end.  After all that excitement, A didn’t last long on the ride home.

Hopefully, she didn’t have too many nightmares.

Psychotherapy is pretty expensive

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2 Comments on “Adventures in golf”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Put it this way, for $9.95 you pretty much ensured she’ll never be a missionary in the jungles of Africa. Or the next Jane Goodall.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    I can hardly wait to to. Perhaps I’ll take the bigger kids…GAL… at least I don’t think I’ll have to carry any of them….

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