An odd visit, to say the least

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, J’s bi-annual cardiologist visit was yesterday.  Everything went well.  But the visit was, well, different.

Let’s start with arriving at the doctor’s office, only to be told that our cardiologist no longer worked there.  Now, it’s not as bad as it sounds.  The office we’ve been visiting the past couple of years isn’t our cardiologist’s main office.  It’s a satellite office near another hospital, and closer to us.  They sub-leased some space from another physician’s group.  Turns out they changed offices several months ago, but not all of their patients got the memo.  But since they only moved to the building next door, it wasn’t a big deal.

What was more interesting was their new office space.  Again, they are sub-leasing some space from another group.  And what type of group, you ask?

A plastic surgeon.

I’m sure you can make up the rest of the story from here.  But just in case you can’t, I took pictures.

Purely for documentation purposes, mind you.

Here’s what greeted me as I walked into J’s exam room:

And K’s reaction?

J’s reaction?

Yes, as we said in the video, the fascination starts early.

J kept asking if he could play with them.

Again, I’ll let you make up your own joke here.

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3 Comments on “An odd visit, to say the least”

  1. vivienne hubbell Says:

    Well just think of it as part of the learning curve !!! Just too funny !!!! Wonder what you will find on the next visit, perhaps some lipo machines or face peeling, the skys the limit…

  2. quotation marks Says:

    and I wonder why it/they are called “memory gel” ???
    He didn’t get it from me. I guess it’s in the genes. Yep. Hang on. You get the joy of dealing with both girl and boy. Aren’t you lucky….yes.

  3. carpoolqueen Says:

    Did K find our size???????

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