Nuts of Dough

While out doing some errands this weekend, we just happened to drive by The Holy Land, aka the Krispy Kreme store/manufacturing plant.

And when I say “just happened to drive by,” I really mean “made up an excuse and drove 30 minutes out of our way.”

Unfortunately, this horrible sight greeted us …

For you heathens friends that don’t know what this is, normally this sign is aglow in red, triumphantly proclaiming that the Krispy Kreme machine o’ wonders is currently churning out hot versions of its round pieces of heaven on earth known as glazed doughnuts.

Alas, The Hot Light was off. We would have to make due with … *gasp* … room temperature versions of delectable goodness.

Of course J, aka our little non-dessert eater, went to work on his doughnut in the following manner:

This was what remained after he “finished” his doughnut:

We still wonder sometimes if he’s adopted.

Which would be a good trick for one twin.

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5 Comments on “Nuts of Dough”

  1. Doris Moreland Says:

    I knew exactly what that picture was! When we moved down here, we were THRILLED to see a Krispy Kreme shop across from the church (which is the real reason we came here 🙂 ). Every time the “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign would come one, we would go in…that lasted a month and I decided we couldn’t do that anymore. It has kept its business booming by our church alone, I’m sure!
    Every once in a while we will go in during football season and get a “Big Orange” donut! Love to you all!

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    Epic Fail. We need to work on that kid (who looks all grown up).

  3. vivienne hubbell Says:

    Adore them myself, but not for everyone ? What is the problem?

  4. quotation marks Says:

    Next time just order him a tablespoon of sprinkles. I’ll bet they would oblige you…..just so the rest of you were buying some donuts…..ha.

    And by the way, re DORIS’ reply…and how old are her kids now? and how old does that make you….soon to be ??

  5. quotation marks Says:

    And by the way, room temperature isn’t the worse thing in the world…..I’m afraid I can speak from experience every time I go down Rt. 1.

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