A Moment of Silence

Cheez Doodles creator Morrie Yohai dies at 90.

Mr. Yohai, my orange-stained fingers salute you.

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4 Comments on “A Moment of Silence”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Sadly, my boys like crunchy Cheetos which don’t stain near as badly as the Doodle.

    Progress ain’t what it used to be.

  2. vivienne hubbell Says:

    Amen !!

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Where do you find this earth-shaking news??? Your last job must have taught you something about research.

    I’ll take the “crunchy” ones too.

  4. momologuer Says:

    Crunchy! (Way more calories packed in each bite.)

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