More Friday Fun

So last Friday, I got the pleasure of spending my day off taking the kids to get vaccinations.  So how can I top that today?  Where can I take the kids so that they’ll have even more fun this week?  How can I make them love this Friday with Daddy even more than last Friday?

I know.

I’ll take them to the dentist.


I’m already planning ahead for next week.  I’ve just ordered the bamboo shoots to put under their fingernails.


Well, we survived.  The morning started oh so well.  You see, because of J’s heart condition, his cardiologist usually prescribes some antibiotics for him to take right before he goes to the dentist.  Unfortunately J is not the best at taking medicine.  I guess in some ways that’s good, since he could be on so many medications that taking one more would be easy.

Yeah, I tried to remind myself of that as I was cleaning up his vomit from the kitchen floor, his shirt and my pants.  As you might deduce, taking the medication didn’t go so well.

Since the cardiologist had told us several times that there are conflicting studies regarding the the efficacy of taking antibiotics before dental work, she told us not to worry if he couldn’t take it.  So off we went.

J at the dentist. And yes, I brushed his teeth after the vomit incident

But obviously I needed to do a better job cleaning his face. Click on the photo to zoom in on the spots on his cheek.

A was a trooper.

And she has the cutest profile

Nana joins the kids in enjoying the TV on the ceiling

Overall, a perfect report from the dentist.  And in our house, we really have only one love language to show approval.


Of course, J can't spend 30 seconds without organizing something. He is *so* K's offspring.

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4 Comments on “More Friday Fun”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Dude – you are rapidly going to approach B Team status with that kind of program.

  2. vivienne hubbell Says:

    If you have to Zoom to see the dirt on that sweet face, it’s o.k. Dad !!! Both J & A are just toooo sweet !!!

    • imnotned Says:

      I wasn’t very clear in my description. It’s not dirt on his face. It’s remnants of his breakfast. And a little bit of antibiotic. And whatever else was in his stomach at the time.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Like grandmother, like grandson = antibiotics. He’ll catch on. Boy are you a sucker for the “girl” profile. Just wait a number of years…about 10…when other guys are noticing the same thing. Bob Evans is a great place…..and speaking of organizing…way to go J and K….and GD….place for everything and everything in its place… there.

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