Our cosmopolitan weekend

Usually, we are very happy to live in our little suburban utopia.  But every once in a while, we step out of our cocoon and take advantage of some of the unique experiences available around our Nation’s Capital.

We started Saturday morning by taking the kids downtown to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

A is not a fan of the Metro

J, however, was more enthusiastic

Even though we’ve been to this museum many times, J still gets excited when he first sees the big elephant in the rotunda:

Continuing the theme, A was not as enthusiastic (but you can still hear J’s excitement in the background):

And you think J was excited to see the elephant?  Did I mention that there are dinosaurs at this museum?

In this clip, A looks up and identifies a dinosaur, only to be corrected by J.  Of course, I have to take his word that he is correct:

And was he correct?  Yup.

Don't doubt J on dinosaurs

J, stop drooling on the glass.

Oh look, it's our living room floor

While A can appreciate a good dinosaur, she can only take so much.  What does she want to see next?

Again, she proves she’s definitely K’s girl in her appreciation of fine jewelry:

A nice little bauble

One of their (and K’s) favorite places is the hands on room for kids.

I see dead butterflies

J thought the big crocodile looked hungry

K instructs A on proper microscope technique

Never too early to start math

After a bite to eat, we headed out.  Two notes for tourists coming to the Smithsonians.  First, just like most tourist areas, the food in the Smithsonians is outrageously marked up.  Make sure you check prices before you put food on your tray.  I watched as the guy in front of me stood slack-jawed at the register when the cashier told him that the lunch he had picked out for his family of 5 came to a total of $78.

I call this photo "Irony." It was posted in the cafeteria. Note the large incandescent and halogen bulbs in the background.

Also, arrive at the museums as soon as they open (10AM).  If you think you can sleep in, then saunter into the museums in the afternoon, this sight might await you:

The line to get in as we were leaving.

As we were walking back to the Metro, we got some ice cream for the kids. Since J only does vanilla, I had to eat the chocolate off the outside of a Dove bar.

The sacrifices I make

J hugs a chocolate encrusted A

A takes a power nap on the way home

So after our morning/afternoon downtown, we got home, cleaned up a bit, and headed back downtown for dinner and a show.

Both dinner and the show were at the Kennedy Center

The view from our dinner on the terrace was lovely. The city didn't look half bad either

After dinner, we headed downstairs to see the show, the musical version of Mary Poppins.  This is never a bad sign to see as you are directed to your seats:

But I guess this box # would have been more appropriate for Phantom of the Opera

The seats did not suck.

If you ever have a chance to see Mary Poppins, make sure you go.  While not high art, it is a whole lot of fun.

So that was just Saturday.  How did we end our weekend on Sunday?  By playing in a golf tournament after church.


All in all, not a bad way to spend a couple of days.

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3 Comments on “Our cosmopolitan weekend”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    So many thoughts, so little comment space….

    1. Don’t tell A that she needs to start working to save for her baubles. All she needs to know are two little words: sugar daddy.

    2. K’s boyfriend jeans were cute. Be sure and tell her I approve.

    3. Box seats are always nice.

    4. After seeing your pictures of the lines, I think I’ll pass on spending $1,200 to send the kids to DC for two days on a field trip. I think I’d rather come hang out with y’all and head in early and avoid the crowds. And save the TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

  2. vivienne hubbell Says:

    A wonderful way to spend the week-end !!! K, looking smashing as usual !!! Aren’t kids fun ? They help you rediscover everything !!!

  3. quotation marks Says:

    What a “collage.” Everything a kid, and a parent would want….just get there early. Laughs are worth a million bucks. Tickle me Elmo = priceless. And you even get all of the chocolate. What sacrifices you have to make. And two trips to DC in the same day. Gluttons for punishment. Yeah, sure. Fun for me to “see” it. I’m taking GAL to see “Ramona and Beezus” this afternoon. It won’t be long until I can have all 5 at once….well….we’ll see. The age span will be a little wide. See you Wed. at 6:00 pm.

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