A two party system

The kids had two birthday parties to attend this weekend.  The first was on Friday morning.  Since I’m home on Fridays, I got to take them.  However, I’m pretty sure this threw off the balance of the Force since it was a pool party.  While I helped with being the main source/target of play in the pool, I’m not sure the rest of the moms were expecting a dad to be in attendance.

Guess which kids sunburn easily?

Saturday was the next party.  It was the 3rd birthday for the little brother of T,  J and A’s best friend from church.

T's little brother playing Matchbox racers, which was a big hit with all the Daddies as well.

Guess which cupcake was specially made for our son who won't eat any sweets that are colored?

J was most appreciative

A keeps her eye on Emily

This is A and Emily, one of T’s school friends.  When T found out Emily was going to be there, he said “Emily can’t be there because A will be there!”  I have a feeling T wanted to keep his two worlds separated.

Let’s just say A held her own.

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2 Comments on “A two party system”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Dads at the pool party are always welcome. I don’t like to get my hair wet.

  2. vivienne hubbell Says:

    Dads are cool in the pool !!! I am with the little fella on the cupcakes, I don’t like alot of stuff on mine either….

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