Seafood anatomy lesson

On Saturday night, K came to me and proclaimed, “I don’t care what or where we eat tonight as long as crab legs are involved.”  And since she was wearing a bib and holding one of those claw-cracking things in one hand and clarified butter in the the other hand, I knew she was serious.

The first lesson upon our arrival was J and A learning that some restaurants actually have live animals in their waiting areas.  Of course, the fact that these live animals were soon to be, well, not-live animals was news to them.  But the quickly rebounded:

After we sat down an got our food, the real fun began.  Some of the comments included:

“Hey, that’s a crab, just like Taxi Crab from the cartoon Jungle Junction.”

“You mean that lobster on your plate used to be swimming in that big tank?”

“Where are the eyeballs?”

My personal favorite came when A started wondering why the lobster on my plate was red while the lobsters in the tank were greenish brown.  J responded “That’s because he got cooked!”  Nice deductive reasoning, big guy!

J was fascinated by the shell cracker

And received some shell-cracking pointers from K

Which he put to good use on his own meal

The single biggest problem with only one person getting crab legs. The rest of us were ready to go 20 mimutes before she finished.

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4 Comments on “Seafood anatomy lesson”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Our grocery store once had a ridiculous sale on lobsters and I bought one for each of the boys and surprised them at supper.

    They shrieked and ran away from the table.

    I had a delicious and quiet meal.

  2. momologuer Says:

    They were delicious and satisfied my “my summer must not end before I have crab legs and lemonade for dinner” request.

  3. vivienne hubbell Says:

    After we finish, we help crack the remaining legs, it goes much faster for everyone !!!

  4. quotation marks Says:

    But I’ll bet those chicken “fingers” still tasted good.

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