Columbus Day

OK, I’ve been neglecting the blog the past week.  Blame it on my preparations for our upcoming 5 day trip without the kids (more on that later).

On Monday, both the kids and I had the day off (sadly, K did not), so I was looking for a way to work off some of their excess energy spend some quality time with them.  I decided to run them out to a local farm that has a Fall Festival with lots of animal petting, apple eating, and bouncy house bouncing.

J and a baby donkey. Everybody say "Awwww"

This is as close as A would get to the pony.

Obviously I’ve watched too many Veggie Tales.

This goat is either pregnant or really needs P90X

This gibbon cracked us up, especially for the qualities it shared with A.

Since the kids get dropped off at school, I thought this might be the only chance to get their picture in a school bus.

Slides are always a hit

Look ma, no hands!

J exhibits his love of cleanliness by insisting that all the straw be removed from his feet before sliding.

And if you remember the incident at Disney world four years ago, you’ll understand why I say “Yea, no broken legs!” after every time he comes down a slide.

It's not a successful outing until J has a sweaty head.

After leaving the festival, I promised the kids McDonalds for lunch.  I plugged “McDonalds” into the GPS, and followed the directions straight to a vacant lot.

“You have arrived at your destination.”

Oh really?

Seems this McDonalds must have been the ONLY ONE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD not to make money, so they tore it down.

But have no fear. Another one was only 0.1423 miles away.

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One Comment on “Columbus Day”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    I had paused to watch the video and was saying out loud “Please don’t break your leg – Mom and Dad need their vacation.”

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